Chouchin Candle

Chouchin Candle is a pillar candle that gradually turns into a Japanese traditional “Chouchin” lantern as the wax melts inside, made by Japanese craftsmen. The fluctuation of the lights reflected through the pattern of the candle creates a relaxing atmosphere. Thanks to the patented wax technology developed by Pegasus Candle Co. Ltd located in Kurashiki Japan, different types of wax is used for inside and outside, and the outer wax does not melt even though the candle is all made of wax, allowing it to create a soft and gentle light.

The minimal design of the Chouchin Candle blends into any kind of interior taste, therefore the candle can be purchased and used globally, while keeping the essence of the Japanese traditional lantern.
Why not dimming the lights around you, and light the candle to relax in your spare time before going to bed?
It is said that a good night's sleep can be achieved by dimming the surrounding lights several minutes before going to bed.

Refill is available so that you can enjoy the Chouchin Candle after the candle is finished. By putting the refill in the empty space of the candle, the outside can be reused.


Chouchin Candleは灯火が60時間かけてゆっくりと沈み、少しずつ提灯の様な表情が現れる、日本の蝋燭職人によって作られたピラーキャンドルです。提灯の模様越しに映る灯火のゆらぎがリラックス空間を演出します。
Chouchin Candleは全て蝋で出来ているキャンドルです。内側と外側で違う融点の蝋を使うことによって、 外は溶けずに中だけが溶けていく仕組みになっています。

Chouchin Candleという名前ですが、決して純和風ではなく、さまざまな空間に置いて愉しむ事が出来ます。​​​​​​​



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